Terms Of Use


Here in this ‘terms and conditions’, we state important requirements and instructions for customers’ use of the website of HP Support Phone Number i.e.  www.hpsupportphonenumber.com. We urge the customers to read these ‘terms and conditions’ carefully to avoid any mishap. This terms and conditions include important instructions and information such as our right to change these terms and conditions, privacy policy, feels, terminate or cancel user’s account, limitation of liability, and much more.


Some terms mentioned in this terms and conditions are also used in the terms of service, refund policy, disclaimer and privacy policy and are incorporated by reference to these terms and conditions.


This terms and conditions use the term ‘content’ which mean materials, software, services and other related information collectively.

“They” “they” ”You” or “you”

The term “They” “they” ”You” or “you”, refer to customer(s), client (s).

We or ‘Us’

‘We or ‘Us’ refer to the HP Support Phone Number.

Terms and Conditions

The violation of these terms and conditions will lead to terminate the contract or account.  Our service or technical support portfolio is made available at your discretion. The service can be only possible if it’s available at the time you want. Our service is available through phone, email or registration on our website. Our technical support can be availed by clients who pay for charges of subscription.

We reserve the right to eliminate any content which is illegal. We also retain the right to delete user’s account if the same has been created for any unlawful purposes.

Our tech support company is fully authorised to use the hosting partners and 3rd party vendors to provide many important service and solution.

The customer is fully responsible for ensuring whether or not the transfer of the content in an unauthorized manner.

They are solely accountable for looking into the unencrypted transmission of the services and keeping information in this area. This includes the transmission over various different networks.

Besides, the customer will be answerable for looking at the changes for confirming or adopting the technical requirements of connecting the networks and devices.

We, our firm, our and associated vendors are not legally responsible any incidental damages.

Cancellation and Termination

In case the customer cancels service prior to the expiry of the paid month, this will fully cancel the service and the customer will not be charged in future.

We store in our record the data of customer in different active servers safely for any further assistance in the near future.

The customer in his full consent and will is responsible for cancellation of his/her account.

To cancel an account, the cancellation request will be forwarded to the account service manager. The customer will be provided an acknowledgement receipt for this.

We at HP Support Phone Number enjoy the right to cancel the account in case the customer is using the illegal software. Our technical support company is fully authorised by you to terminate or stop providing any service or support to client if he or she has attempted to or tried or has made an unauthorized access. By the termination of the account, the customer can no longer be able to access to our PC services.

Content Ownership and Copyright

HP Support Phone Number has the full right to prevent or remove the unauthorized content. The data that has been shared with us will remain the intellectual property of that individual or the third party. In such cases, we will not own the copy rights.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is an integral part of these terms and conditions. This privacy policy imparts the information regarding what personal information we collect from you, how we use your personal information, disclosure of the personal information and much more. By using the site, you are accepting the practices described in this privacy policy.

We request you to review the privacy policy whenever you visit the site in order to making sure that you understand how any personal information you provide will be used.

Limitation of Liability

Nonetheless anything to the conflicting, in no event, shall we be liable to customer in excess of the amounts actually paid by customer to us under the plan order that is the subject of the dispute.

 Limitations On Actions

Any cause of action by the client must be begun within one year after the cause of action rose or the cause of action shall be waived and barred forever.

If customer has any confusion about this ‘terms and conditions’ or the privacy policy available on other page of this web site, he or she can email us at support@hpsupportphonenumber.com or Call us 1-800-915-6983 usa toll-free number.